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John Quinton-Navarro
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John Quinton-Navarro - Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

Hello and welcome to my website.

I hope the following pages will give you a brief resume of the services I can offer. However, in this technical age I still think it is best to speak to each other, so if you have an enquiry do contact me

by phone on:
01404 861811

or by email at

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking to you regarding making your day special.

John Quiton-Navarro - Toastmaster

John Quinton-Navarro - Toastmaster

Do you want a perfect day?
Do you want someone to take all your worries away, someone to look after you and ensure that everything is perfect?

John Quinton-Navarro is a toastmaster that will guide you through your arrangements and work with your venue and contractors to create a really special day free from stress and worry for your guests and especially for you.

As an experienced MC, John will ensure your day is carried out in a truly professional manner.

John Quinton-Navarro is a member of the English Toastmasters Association and is available for weddings, ladies festivals, dinners, banquets, private parties, charity and civic events; In fact any function where etiquette and dignity are required at the highest level.


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